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How to Setup

  • 1. After getting the authentication code download the software from the website which is www.skyzagsecurity.com
  • 2. You will receive an executable file, double click on that file to install it.
  • 3. An installation popup will appear and we have to click on yes button to install. 
  • 4. A dialogue box will appear click on next button. 
  • 5. Check the checkbox if you want to create a shortcut in desktop, click on next button. 
  • 6. Click on install button to make the final step and a final dialogue box will appear. Click on finish button to finish the installation.

    • 7. Turn off windows defender real time protection feature and uninstall all other antivirus software applications if any. 
    • 8. Use only the latest version of Google Chrome browser to access the website and download the product.No other browser should be used. 
    • 9. If after downloading the product a blue box appears click on the "More Info" button and after that on the "Run Anyway" button and then follow the normal standardized windows installation procedure.
    • 10. Make sure that Google Chrome browser security setting is set to Standard Protection
  • 11. A stable internet connection is required and while traveling if there is any internet issue the real time protection will be securing the system.
  • 12. Only original windows version will be supported no pirated copies will be supported